Our Team

A partnership of like-minded professionals, each bringing special areas of expertise

  • Laura Van Wormer

    Laura Van Wormer

    Founder, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer

    Laura is the author of sixteen books and was previously an editor at Doubleday & Company. Laura's knowledge of and love for the publishing industry provide our vision of how books ought to be shared with readers, in contrast to how they are sold far too often.

  • Carolyn Katz

    Carolyn Katz

    Executive Chairman

    Carolyn has worked in the telecommunications & technology field for more than twenty years. Since 2001, she has served on the Board of Directors of several public and private companies, and is currently a Director at NII Holdings, a multinational cellular telecommunications company, and American Tower, a provider of international communications infrastructure. Previously, Ms. Katz served as a principal of Providence Equity Partners Inc., a private investment firm specializing in equity investments in telecommunications and media companies. From June 1984 to April 2000, Ms. Katz was employed by Goldman, Sachs & Co., most recently as a Managing Director and co-head of Emerging Communications and previously as Director of Credit Research. She graduated from Princeton University.

  • Bjarne Blume

    Bjarne Blume

    Executive Vice President, Technology

    Bjarne has developed training videos and provided other support to everyone from hospitals to flight training to Microsoft. He brings twenty years’ experience running a multimedia company and a lifetime of passionate reading to his role at Authoropolis, helping publishers harness the power of metadata and developing functionality that supports, guides and delights eBook customers.

  • Blake Dearborn

    Blake Dearborn

    Executive Vice President, Software Engineering

    Blake is a hugely skilled developer and programmer, but what’s really wonderful for Authoropolis and its customers is his understanding of how to use that knowledge to create a versatile, welcoming eBook site that is also extremely secure, highly responsive and able to produce and capture the reports and data we and our publishers need to be most effective.

  • Kennet Plantell

    Kennet Plantell

    Executive Vice President, Project Management

    Kennet is a multimedia industry pioneer with over 48 years of experience. Since 1962 he has been involved with film (still and motion), video, animation, multimedia and many associated fields that are intertwined with this industry. In 1962, Kennet recognized the advantages of the audio-visual medium to create a pilot-qualification system for the airline industry. Kennet supervised a team to produce and maintain over 550 airport qualifications programs for worldwide distribution. His knowledge of how to take real world ideas from clients and port them to the media world is paramount in our company operations.

  • Ned Barrett

    Ned Barrett

    Vice President of Marketring

    Ned has been on the cutting edge of digital marketing and new technology for over two decades, working for Lenox China, Bradford Exchange and Mattel Toys, and for the past twelve years, as President and Co-Founder of Direct-Logic Solutions, a firm specializing in digital technology, database development, search engine optimization, advanced analytics, website development and sales forecasting. Ned holds a BA from George Washington University and an MBA from Northwestern University.

  • Elyse Solove

    Elyse Solove

    Director of Publicity and Promotions

    Elyse is Author & Company's Director of Publicity. She has years of experience working in various marketing and public relations firms and brings a depth of knowledge and a tremendous amount of energy to her work with our authors.