Ted Spiegel: The Passing of a Giant

I just learned from some of my Northwestern friends that Ted Spiegel passed away over the weekend at the age of 82. For someone of Ted’s vitality and spirit, he died much too young.

Ted, scion of the Spiegel cataloging family, was very important to me because he helped establish Medill’s graduate direct marketing program in 1987. It was the first program of its kind in the nation and where I got the educational foundation that has formed the basis for my career in digital marketing. Besides being a professor and leader, I considered Ted to be a friend and I will sorely miss him as will his legions of former students and colleagues.

One thing that will always stick out in my memory of Ted and his wonderful wife, Audry, were the holiday postcards that they would send each year. These postcards always featured a picture of Ted and Audry in some kind of extreme sport. Ones that come immediately to mind were “Barn Door Halibut Fishing in Alaska” and “Heli-Hiking” God knows where. I will have to dig up a few of those and post them.   <strong>Some Biographical Information on Ted:</strong> As founder and president of Spiegel Marketing worked as a consultant to businesses, government entities and nonprofits since 1987. His expertise in catalog marketing and business strategy helped clients ranging from Walt Disney to Reader’s Digest to the Library of Congress. As a professor emeritus in service, Spiegel remained  engaged in the Spiegel Digital and Database Research Initiative he helped envision and launch.   In 1991 he received the Charles Down Award as Chicago Direct Marketer of the Year, in 1992 the Edward Mayer Award from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation for Educational Leadership, and in 2005 he was inducted to the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. He has served on the Board of Directors of Spiegel, Inc., Integrated Marketing Solutions, a subsidiary of Swiss Colony, Digital Impact, American Blind, CM Partners, and many more. He is the author along with Susan Jones, his partner at the Callahan Group, of MARKETING CONVERGENCE: How the Leading Companies are Profiting from Integrated Online and Offline Marketing Strategies. In 1989 he received a Doctor of Laws, Honorary Degree from National College of Education.

Ted will surely be missed but his memory and influence will never be forgotton.

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