The Young Arts Master Class on Jazz

I was very pleased to be invited by Lynn Arison and Paul Lehr of Young Arts to the recent premier of their newest documentary for the HBO Master Class Series. Filmed by the Simon and Goodman production team, this documentary features Jazz great Wynton Marsalis and 3 very talented young musicians.

Wynton coaches them in the finer points of Jazz and playing off of one another. Listening to Wynton, what becomes clear is that Jazz is as complicated as any human endeavor and requires very special talent to perfect.

At the event, which was held in a screening room at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, I was very excited to meet my favorite soprano, Renee Fleming!

Renee Fleming & Ned Barrett

Renee Fleming with Ned Barrett

Here is Wynton giving a special performance with the students after the premier.

Wynton Marsalis & Author & company

Wynton Marsalis and 4 very talented young Jazz musicians.


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